One and a half years later…

So thanks for reminding us about this blog! It’s been quite a while since we last wrote. Things in Brazil have been changing for Roller Derby, and this is amaazing!

A little bit of history in these last 2 years:

  • In June, we played our first intraleague bouts, as demo-bouts to show the sport to people who had never heard about it or seen it. Totally cool.
  • In July, we had a bootcamp with Fifi Nomenon (former ACDG, now Texas Rollergirls) and Killa Nois (former ACDG, now Windy City Rollers last July! It was totally amazing and we learned lots of stuff. Plus, we ate a lot.

  • In October, we played the first Brazilian Nationals, or its embryo at least. It was the first time that leagues all over the country got together (well, more than  the 3 leagues that have been around longer at least) to learn about the sport from Sugar Daddy. We got to play our first interleague bouts, against the Ladies of Helltown (the other league from São Paulo) and the Sugar Loathe Derby Girls (from Rio). We also put together a Vagine Regime team to represent all the queers out there and played a Team Brazil bout as well! Lots of games in 3 days. Lots of stories and derby love and learning and sweat.
  • Also in Octobernew tryouts for Team Brasil were held. This time around, there were about 40 girls trying out. Remember the first time there were only 20? Cool. We are proudly still part of the team. :D
  • In December, we hosted a CDT Bootcamp with no other than Psychobabble and DeRanged, with skaters from all over Brazil. A total of about 70 skaters came to the camp and we totally saw that we still had a lot to learn. We also learned about after-parties. Heh.
  • In February 2013, our league became the first WFTDA Apprentice League in Brazil! Awesome, eh? We are hoping that this will set the tone for other Brazilian leagues!
  • In April 2013, Team Brasil put together a Bootcamp with OMG WTF and Bonnie Thunders, from Gotham Girls Roller Derby, in Rio. We got to spend a whole weekend learning derby from the best! We also played another Team Brasil bout and we could definitely see an improvement from Team Brasil that went to the World Cup.

As you can see, we’ve been busy! And we will tell you all about our plans next time we are around. We promise it won’t be one and a half years from now! ;)


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